The Pianist, UK (september 2008)

‘The Dena Piano Duo is the best possible advocate for Grieg’s Mozart arrangements’…

Classic FM, UK:

“It is difficult to imagine…(the music)…sounding much better than on this beautifully played and recorded disc”.

Audiotechnique, Hong Kong (mars 2008)

“If you can embrace the creativity of one composer paying tribute to another composer and never mind which part of it is Mozart and which part of it is Grieg, then the Dena Piano Duo’s interpretation is just perfect. The two pianists take turn to sit in the primo role, resulting in the most natural dialogue that epitomizes the sincere respect that Grieg was trying to convey. 2-channel offers clearly defined imaging and 5-channel delivers richer tones and more airy resonance.”

Fanfare Magazine, New York (januar 2008)

“Heide Gortz and her one-time student Tina Margareta Nilssen give exemplary, fully satisfying accounts of the music from the standpoint of both composers, neither overdoing the Romantic issues nor underplaying the Classical ones. The recorded sound is excellent, good reverberation and nicely spaced acoustics that sound even better when subjected to Super Audio surround sound. This disc has been burning up my player, and I can’t keep this stupid smile off my face when hearing it. A hands-down double thumbs-up!”
Steven E. Ritter

Neue Musikzeitung, Deutschland (januar 2008)

“Die beiden Pianistinnen des Dena Piano Duos, Heide Görtz und Tina Margareta Nilssen, arbeiten dieses Konzept mit äussersten Präzision und Klarheit heraus – nie wird die Mozart-Sonate durch die Grieg’sche Untermalung bedrängt oder überdeckt, deutlich legt sich der ehrfürchtige zarte Schleier um die Musik Mozarts”…
Dr. Adelheid Krause-Pichler

Fanfare Magazine (oktober 2007):

‘The Dena Piano Duo (Tina Margareta Nilssen, piano 1 and Heide Görtz piano 2) are excellent pianists, and the sound quality is also excellent.’
Burton Rothleder

San Francisco Chronicle:
‘Here’s a wonderful musical oddity guaranteed to inspire outrage in the purists and delight in the rest of us — a winning combination if ever there was one.’…’It’s irresistible, and the performances by the Dena Piano Duo from Norway — tender, robust and full of feeling — make the music sound all the more enchanting.’
Joshua Kosman

Piano International. (september 2007)

“Played with finesse and expertly engeneered, the effect, particularly in the famous C minor Sonata, is quite magical.”
HVT, Hifi Video Test, The Netherlands (mars 2008)

“Prachtige opname, waarbij beide piano’s af en toe één lijken in klank.”

Audiophile Edition

…’immediate pleasures of quick perky tempos, and letting Mozart’s, and Grieg’s, magic work its wonders in a sort of naive strolling kind of way’…’especially considering the relaxed, spaced-out nature of the performances which are totally professional without being intimidating.’

SA-CD: 5 av 5 stjerner:

‘The clarity is not just down to the wonderful recording but their highly sensitive and delicate touch’…’Their phrasing is delightful’…’Very good and very enjoyable indeed – highly recommended. Once again, 2L have a real winner!’