Heide Görtz was born in Cuxhaven and grew up in Hamburg, Germany, where she studied with the renowned pianist Conrad Hansen. She demonstrated considerable talent at an early age winning several prizes in the Steinway competition and the prestigious “Jugend musiziert”. Still at school she began studying at the music academy in Hamburg, going on to take her Konzert- Examen, the highest level of performing studies, in 1977. Since 1974 she taught at the music academies in Hamburg and Cologne, and in 1990 she was appointed professor of piano and piano teaching at the Universität der Künste in Berlin.

Heide Görtz has performed in most European countries as well as in Africa and Mexico, and has made numerous CD, radio and television recordings. Heide Görtz is deputy director of the “Kurt Singer-Institut für Musikergesundheit” in Berlin.

She specializes in the field of music physiology, and gives seminars and master classes in the Goertz-Method all over Europe.